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What Essential Oils Can Do for Your Hair

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Homemade hair care is suitable for anyone, even for those who don’t want to create complicated mixtures or purchase many new products.

For instance, you can use ingredients you might already have in your own kitchen and/or garden, whilst only purchasing a couple of essential oil varieties with which you can experiment.

Many people find simple solutions for their hair using olive oil, avocado or herbal infusions. Essential oils mixed and diluted with oils and other plant-based elements are fantastic for a multitude of uses. Read on to discover the myriad of benefits you’ll receive when you choose to create the cruelty-free essential oils formulas presented in this book.

What Essential Oils Can Do for Your Hair

You are probably wondering, ‘Why use essential oils?’ in your shampoo or conditioner. ‘Will my hair get too greasy?’ and ‘What if I already have oily hair?’……Continue Article Next Page

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