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The Signs and Symptoms Of a Vein Thrombosis in The Legs


The Signs and Symptoms of a Vein Thrombosis in the legs

There are still diseases in the lives of all men, but it seems to be more common in women. For example, maximum veins can be very dangerous if left untreated. It is important to undergo a good medical examination to prevent veins from becoming more complex and dangerous. B. tortured thrombosis.

It is known that severe blood circulation comes from the veins. Usually they occur in the lower parts of the body, z. B. on the thighs and buttocks. It starts dangerous when blood clotting stops blood flow.

At that point, we are exposed to tortured thrombosis. This diagnosis is dangerous because it creates a blood clot in each flesh of our body that prevents good circulation. This can cause serious problems when leaving the area, for example. It flows through the bloodstream to reach the artery and causes a complete barrier to our system.

Symptoms of invasive thrombosis
Doctors generally explain that thrombosis usually occurs in the thighs. However, you should also consider that there are two types of thrombi with different signs. Both trumpets are dangerous, but one is more serious than the other. For this we must be aware of what is happening and what is happening.

Irritating venous thrombosis
It is easy to diagnose because the veins are very blue and difficult to contact. They are like a knot and are a great pain. You can see them with the naked eye. In addition, the small area is warm and with acceptable pressure. If you do not treat this thrombosis in the future, it could have the most serious consequences instead of the risk of infection. The infection caused by this thrombosis is “phlebitis.”

Deep venous thrombosis
This is very dangerous because at the moment we do not recognize that the serious thrombus is severe. Symptoms vary between high pressure in the region where the veins rain, the area becomes very hard when contacted. Only the heat and the affected area are one and you may feel an unusual tingling that extends from the gearbox and hits the entire pedal. When the skin turns blue or is not directly colored, it clearly shows that blood does not flow generally and that it is necessary to consult a doctor.

We need to start this problem by doing sports every day, running for half an hour or doing cardiovascular exercises that can be very useful. Take a cold shower in the foot area, avoid salt in daily meals and drink plenty of fluids. Natural juices are a good option for better health.

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