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The Secret to Getting Rid of your Back Pain Forever is Between your Feet



The secret to getting rid of your back pain forever is between your feet! 10 exercises correct everything :

This pain can be greatly reduced by the following exercises. It is also very useful in case of pain in the hip and knee and correct a bad posture, it is with pleasure.

Our feet play a key role in our body as they are responsible for the movements and balance of the posture. They need to be cared for and cared for as they can help us avoid many health and variety problems.

But our feet are damaged by age and they can aggravate walking and posture due to constant pressure.

Regular exercise strengthens muscles and improves function, prevents various injuries and stimulates blood circulation. It also maintains a good alignment of muscles and bones, prevents lower back pain and supports body posture and others.

Then you should start each day doing the following exercises:

Exercise 1

Do this exercise three times: sit on a chair and place your left leg on your right thigh. Then hold your toes straight and shake them with someone’s handshake. Then, extend your toes to the side for 10 seconds, change feet……Continue Article Next Page

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