Home Foods The New Homemade Turkey Gravy Recipe Homemade For 2020

The New Homemade Turkey Gravy Recipe Homemade For 2020


The Best Homemade Turkey Gravy Recipe For 2020

How To Prepare Homemade Turkey Gravy Recipe Easy


It’s easy to prepare roast turkey at home!


Turkey drippings from roasted turkey
2-3 cups water or chicken/turkey broth
3 tablespoons butter
4 tablespoons all-purpose flour
Salt and pepper , to taste


Add 1 cup of water or chicken / turkey broth to the pan in which the turkey has been roasted and scrape all the brown pieces with a whisk from the bottom of the pan.
Gently pour all of the pan into a liquid spoon (preferably in sizes of a quarter or more, if you have one). Add the remaining water or chicken / turkey broth to satisfy 4 cups in total.
Place the measuring cup in the freezer for a few minutes while preparing the roux.
Put the butter in a pan or large pot and stir over medium heat. Once the butter has melted, add the flour and mix until a thick paste or “roux” is produced. With frequent agitation, boil for 3-5 minutes until golden brown.
Remove the drops from the freezer and pour the fat from the top of the measuring cup. A few minutes in the freezer should place all the fat on the cup and harden a little to facilitate skimming. If you need more time, return it to the freezer for a few minutes (and remove the roux, if necessary while waiting). Liquid fat can also be removed with drops, without freezing in the freezer, if you prefer.
Slowly add the drops to the roux, constantly cleaning until all the liquid is added. Bring to a boil and continue beating frequently. Cook for about 1 minute until it has thickened. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Try it first, since turkey roasts are very salty and you may not need to add much.
Keep warm until serving time


A layer of liquid (water or broth) at the bottom of the pan while the roast turkey is burning prevents the dripping from burning. Periodically check and add more liquid if necessary during cooking time.
If desired, filter the drip to remove large pieces of herbs, turkey skin, etc. That could have accumulated in the pan.
Makes 4 cups


Calories: 29kcal, Carbohydrates: 2g, Protein: 1g, Fat: 2g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 6mg, Sodium: 143mg, Potassium: 24mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 1g, Vitamin A: 66IU, Vitamin C: 2mg, Calcium: 2mg, Iron: 1mg

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