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The Most Important Home Exercises for Women to Maintain a Suitable and Attractive Female Body



The Most Important Home Exercises for Women to Maintain a Suitable and Attractive Female Body

If you have a beautiful female body, you probably think you have Jennifer Aniston or Adriana Lima. It involves toned muscles, good and thin life, without looking like a bodybuilder. In addition, some exercises can help women find balance, stay fit and stay feminine.

We respect all the girls and we have 8 exercises that can be the key to your perfect body and you can do them at home. There is a bonus at the end of the article!

Not only crumbs, but crumbs

This exercise is called Russian and strengthens the heart and the slopes:

Lie on the floor and put your feet under something you can hold or ventilate. Put your feet on your knees.
Take the upper body to create a V-shape. The arms should be in front of you and perpendicular to the upper body.
Turn the upper body to the right and then to the left.
False. Try to finish the set from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Ribs of reduced weight

This exercise will help you improve the muscles of the abdomen, upper back, hips and buttocks:

Lie on your head with your arms extended.
Lift your feet in the air.
Your body should have a 90 degree angle at the hips and upper body. This is your starting point.
Go out and ride on your feet.
Throw your hands through your feet. Pause and return to the starting position. Try to complete one sentence per minute.

Push the breast with a simple and easy edge

By making a footbridge with a certain weight, you can improve the shape of your necklaces and shoulders:

Lie on your back, with your arms stretched over your chest.
Gently lift one leg off the floor and stretch it.
Take the hips. Only heels and shoulders remain on the floor.
Return to the starting position and repeat the procedure as many times as you wish.

Dumbbell jack line

Full physical exercise! Everybody:

Start at a table. Your legs should be wider than your hips. Hold the weights.
Lift the left corner away from the veins and the gluteus is blocked.
Keep your neck long. Return the weight to the floor and start again with your right hand.
Repeat 10 repetitions per hand and repeat the operation in 3 lines.

Skip the squats

We must lose sweat to lose fat. Teams help you have good legs, but they don’t have too many muscles.

Keep your hands behind your head.
Push your hips back while you bend.
The shoulders and arms should be straight.
Lower the body and rub.
Explosive shot.
When you land, reduce the body to a team position.

Test of 3 to 4 layers of 15 representatives.

Bridge ball

The stable ball bridge helps you strengthen the lower back.

Lie with your face.
Bend your knees and put your feet on the ball.
Adjust your heels and climb to the hips by squeezing the buttocks.
Press your shoulders and it will help you adjust your posture. Slowly lower your hips on the floor and keep the ball still.
Test of 3 to 4 layers of 15 representatives.

Panels next to the equipment.

Let your whole body work again! The side panels are very effective and increase the stability of the back.

Lie on your side and place yourself in the lower corner to stabilize your foot.
Put your hips in the air. There should be a straight line between the ankle and the shoulder.
Keep your body still and go home. Do not change the angle of your body.
Put one knee with your chest. Hold for 30 to 45 seconds, then repeat the other side.

Top panels down

To make a change, try another type of table with the same effect.

Go to the bridge site and focus your hands and feet.
You can start with the right side first. Lower the angle to the floor where your hand was. Then reduce the left corner to the floor where the left hand was. Pause for 30 seconds.
Return to the starting position and start again with your left hand.

Bonus : don’t use too much weight for your size.
Your stomach is a muscle and your muscles are growing. If you train like crazy every day and use large weights, this muscle will be bigger and you will not see any size other than a narrow life. It is better not to overload and create different types of axes that keep the body in shape rather than overloading with the abdominal muscles.

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