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The Best Way of to Tone Thighs and Burn Fat in 12 Minute of Training at Home



The Best Way of to tone thighs and burn fat in 12 Minute of training at home!

The hips and thighs are the most difficult points to use when it comes to losing weight and getting fit. These areas, whatever you do, seem to be the last to move. If you want to extend your daily routine at home to small things, you can speed up the process a little faster.

Try this 12-minute series to find internal results:

1: enter a team with wider legs than usual. Take the toes moving the hips up and down.

2 side slits: choose one leg to place and the other knees bend as a team. Hold for 30 seconds on each side.

3 Squad and kick: form a large team and change foot. Throw your foot to the side to reach life. Hold each leg for 30 seconds.

4 Skating jumps: play as an ice skater and jump from side to side by jumping with your foot in front of your foot (jump to the right, place your left foot behind your right foot).

5 Leg circle: lying in a comfortable and stable position and slightly raising the foot, creating small circles in the air. Complete the circles in both directions for each leg.

6 Make the outer legs: find the position of the side rail or follow its side if the side rail is too heavy and lift the top of the foot as straight as possible. Change sides and create another leg.

7 Hydrant Fire: Begin to crawl, keeping one knee on the ground and holding the other knee over and over again with the leg still bent. Do not leave your foot until the repetition is complete. Change foot and repeat.

No. 8: Fire Strike to Shot: Start at the same scan position, but this time stretch the active foot to get a full shot.

With this simple 12-minute sequence and a healthy diet, good hydration and other physical activities, you can achieve your goals.

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