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The Best Plans to Travel With Dogs and Simple Ways For Preparation of Trips



The best plans to Travel with dogs and simple ways for preparation of trips

There are loving dogs from around the world among their dogs during family vacations or by car, but the success of the trip depends more than on a good secret. Traveling with a family dog ​​without accidents is based on planning, preparation and much research!

Trips with the dog
The car is the most popular form of travel for people who love dogs and their dogs. As easy as traveling with your dog, there is still much to do to keep your trip ready.

If you travel with your dog with the right equipment on board, the trip will be more enjoyable for both of you. Recommended accessories:

A safe or a belt to protect your dog while traveling.
A bowl of water and a bottle of water to relieve your dog.
A plate of food and nutrition when you travel a lot or bad weather.

Bags for breaks
First aid for both in case of emergency.
Vaccination record for dogs for international travel.
Buy drugs from your dog.
Instant dog tags if your dog breaks in peace or on vacation.
Immediate photo of your dog in case it breaks peace or holidays.
The bed or pillow on which the dog sleeps when it reaches the destination.
Provide food for your dog when it reaches its destination.
It dries in a car accident due to a car sickness or abdominal pain.



In addition to planning attention, it plays an important role in the trip with the dog by car and must begin before leaving home.

Your dog’s holiday centers
Remember, depending on the age and size of your dog, you should stop every 90 minutes to allow the dog to go to the bathroom and stretch your feet. To make these stops as comfortable as possible for dogs, it is necessary to assign them to other areas where there are areas for dogs.

The night stops with your dog
If you travel on very long roads, you must plan your transfer in advance. For the safety of your dog, you should not leave him alone at night.

If you spend the night, you can stay in a hotel, a camp or use websites like Air B&B to book a night in an apartment that accepts pets.

Food and water
The timing of meals and drinks for your dog should be taken into account when planning a trip. Remember that everything will come out! Place your dog at least one hour before departure so you have time to prepare the food. Even if you don’t want to limit your dog’s water intake, make sure your trip does not require more water than usual. This can cause abdominal pain and the need to stop the bathroom again and again!

When traveling with your dog, every time you open a car or a spare door, your dog could run. This is another reason (instead of driving safety) to keep the dog in the vehicle. The best control methods include collision damage to seats, bodies and dogs.



Fly with your dog
Each airline has its own pet policy that can be changed at any time. To avoid inconvenience, always look at the airline with which you are traveling to determine your dog’s rules that are not controlled by the time of travel.

General tips to get on a plane with your dog
The following general tips facilitate the flight with your puppy.

Call forwarding. Some airlines have limited cabin space for small dogs. In order for your dog to obtain one of these places, you must call ahead.
Dogs traveling in the cabin of an airplane must be in a position that can slide under the seat in front of you. This courier service (with your dog in it) must often respect a certain weight limit.
Flies may have age limits. Very young puppies cannot fly with certain airlines.
Pets in the cabin must pay the ticket even if they are placed in the luggage under the seat in front of you. Commissions are normally between $ 100 and $ 200.
In general, medium and large races cannot travel in the cabin of an airplane and must travel by plane in the cargo area of ​​the aircraft.
Not all airlines accept dogs on board!
Note for owners of medium and large breeds of dogs that plan the flight
Medium breeds are always held on the farm. Cyclists are a problem for pet owners and pets. If your dog overcomes the weight restrictions in the cabin, Virgin Atlantic is the airline that chooses large dogs. By providing a single compartment to your temperature controlled airplane with a dog, think of a dog cabin, cargo space is completely avoided!



Choose to fly for your dog
The advantages of selecting some flights over other places are. The following tips will help you choose the best flight for your dog.

If possible, always choose a direct flight.
Avoid flights these days and during peak hours.
Choose a flight for red eyes, if present.
Ask airlines to receive special pet care to see if they have to spend time in the luggage room or on the asphalt before and after the flight.
Prepare your dog to fly
After checking the different airlines, their pet rules and their individual flights, you should make sure your dog is ready to fly.

The first step in this process is to approve an airline or airline ticket to adapt it to the size of the airline with which you are traveling. After receiving a box or a courier, you can use it at home to use the dog to travel in it. This will help keep the worries of having the dog.

The next step is to talk to the veterinarian. Not only do you want to talk about anxiety and sedative medications when you need them, but you also need a health certificate for your dog. All dogs must have a health certificate that shows the current state of their veterinary health before they can fly.

Before traveling, make sure your contact information is outside your dog’s travel box and is easy to read. This should include details of your home and destination. Your dog must also have an identification tag with the column. This is used to identify your dog when it leaves the box or stock, but the safety collar is safer in the box.

Install a food and water dispenser in your dog’s box and make sure it is safe and functional. Also make sure your dog can get the dispenser from its place in the box. If your dog sticks, place the debris in a safe bag and place them in your dog’s top box.



Finally, find out about access to the Pet Store airport and the steps you must follow in the field. This will ensure that you bring your dog to the sofa at the scheduled flight time and minimize the time you spend on the floor.

Traveling with your dog in the cabin is much harder for you and your dog. While your pet should be supportive during the flight, you can monitor it regularly based on the position at your feet. To facilitate travel in the cabin, the following must be included in the transport luggage: \ t

Small croquet bag for dogs
Exchange closed for any accident.
A folded bowl will give your dog water.
A few words to fly with your dog
If you fly abroad, it is important to find out what your dog needs in the country. For example, many countries require quarantine to ensure that the animal is in good health before entering the country.

Take the train with your dog
If you want to mark the Amtrak train with your dog at any time, it is important to know the rules and regulations for pets. Amtrak allows dogs up to 20 pounds (including carrier weight) to ride their train for up to seven hours. These dogs must be attached to an authorized carrier during the trip and the carrier must remain in place. This pet carrier is designed to carry luggage. In addition, vehicles are not allowed in vehicles other than those reserved for wagons and some trains are equipped with pet wagons. Each pet owner will be charged $ 25. After paying this fee, an exemption and delivery agreement must be signed.



New York subway
If you want to take the subway with your dog, remember that the New York subway does not allow dogs unless they are transported in a bag or in stock. In addition to this provision, there are only a few rules and regulations for dogs in the subway. However, kindness must be taken into account. Do not travel with your big dog in a box when there are many people in the subway. If you want to travel in a box with a bigger dog when traveling in the subway, plan your trip so that others do not interfere with it, think about taking a taxi.

London subway
If you are in London with your dog, dogs of all sizes are allowed on the train. However, these dogs must be on the stairs to get to the train. In addition to traveling in the New York subway, it is important to be kind to other travelers when you take your dog to the London subway. For example: do not place the dog in the seat requested by another passenger!

National Rail
If you are in the United Kingdom and want to travel with your dog on National Rail, you can travel with up to two dogs. Your dogs should not be a danger or inconvenience to other passengers and should always be tied or tied. Dogs on the shelves should be placed under the passenger seat, not in the car to eat. Dogs caught in the National Rail will not be charged unless your vehicle is sitting. In this case, you must pay the seat as a whole. You can take your dog to sleep a little, but you must plan 48 hours in advance and be ready to pay a fine cleaning fee.

Boats and trash and your dog
A ferry depends on your ferry. In most cases, all ferries allow dogs as long as they are in a cage or cage and / or have a snout. For larger ferries, z. For example, from England to France, pets are allowed for a fee, provided they are in the vehicle. However, this practice is controversial because dogs can quickly overheat at high temperatures.



If you plan to travel by boat or in a private boat, it is advisable to keep the dog in a life jacket and protect it. This prevents the dog from moving towards the sea and ensures that the dog is already mounted on the dog.

Stay with your dog at the hotel
Whether you arrive by car, plane, train or boat, you should plan your pet’s accommodation in advance. If you are lucky and you are with a friend or pet owner, you do not have to worry about where your puppy can go or not. However, if you are staying in a hotel, you must inform yourself before leaving.

Find a hotel or motel that accepts pets at your destination and know its policies and regulations. Not because the hotel accepts pets, your dog can go crazy. Even hotels that accept dogs have rules that guarantee the hygiene, safety and friendliness of other guests.

Although pet rules vary from hotel to hotel, there are a number of general rules to keep in mind:

Inform the hotel in advance that you are traveling with a dog and make sure that all the rules on size and breed are respected.
If you book in advance, request a room on the ground floor, especially if you have a larger dog.
If your dog adapts easily, request a room that is not near the entrances / exits / elevators.
Always ask your dog to wear the collar with his current contact details if he loses it.
Prepare an extra room rental for some hotels.
Always take and clean after damaging your dog.



After registration
When you arrive at your dog’s room, you have to hang a “Don’t go” sign on the door. This eliminates any interference that your dog may bark and cause discomfort to other guests. Therefore, you should check the room to make sure your dog is free. Look for items that were left in the last guest, items that may have fallen to the ground or the wires that your dog could find. Finally, create a room for your dog in the room. Place your boxes in a part of the room and allow your dog to get used to its new surroundings, having the opportunity to go to your “family place” if you wish.

If you leave your dog in your hotel room
If you discover that you have to leave your dog alone in your hotel room (even for a few minutes), make sure your dog is in the box or firmly in its transport box. Put the sign Do not enter the door to prevent the dog from interrupting. Finally, make sure your contact information is available at the reception so you can contact if the dog is at risk or in an emergency.

Whether you give your dog a vacation for three weeks or a day on the road, the key is your good trip and preparation. If you know what to expect and how to prepare and anticipate any event, your trip will not only be successful, but with your dog.


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