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The 10 Best Regions To Visit In 2020



Central Asian Silk Road

Central Asian Silk RoadThe Silk Road in Central Asia is once again the focus of global attention, once a rich commercial and tourist destination. The ancient cities, the lively bazaars and the wild landscapes of Central Asia attract more and more visitors in search of adventures, one of the busiest routes in history. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan offer electronic or visa-free visas for most of the world’s citizens. and the region is moving towards a unique village, the Silk Road. An important investment in transport and infrastructure, sponsored by the China Road and Belt Initiative, makes the journey of the modern Silk Road more accessible than ever.


The Market, Italy

It seems that the food is ready to eliminate it. While the main roles generally come from its neighboring superstar, Tuscany, the Italian region of Marche is equally rich. You can create mountainous cities, bright food festivals, magnificent Renaissance palaces, intricate landscapes and attractive beaches with the same aroma, but with the added benefit of the smallest known attractions. 2020 will be the center of the light. Urbino, the most picturesque city of the Marches, hosts the 500th anniversary celebration of the death of the great Renaissance painter – and a talented child – Rafael.


Tohoku, Japan

Japan will be operational in 2020 with the world traveling to Tokyo for the Summer Olympics and nowhere in the country will be interested in attending a party other than Tohoku. In the 2011 earthquake and tsunami recovery phase, this sub-tourist area in the country has made considerable efforts to reopen transportation, develop new corridors, restore and improve tourism facilities. Tohoku is already known in Japan for its natural landscape, cultural heritage, historical festivals, good food and cozy crowds, a few hours based on the high-speed train north of the capital.


Maine, United States

The largest state in England has always been proud, but this year’s love for Vacationland will culminate in Maine’s second anniversary celebration. Cities and towns throughout the region organize special exhibitions, concerts and festivals that mark 200 years of cultivation. Although Maine has not celebrated the end, it is a good time to visit. The culinary scene has exploded in recent years and there are restaurants, bakers, bakers and breweries throughout the country. And despite the search for growth in Maine, it’s easy to escape the spectacular forests and lighthouses of the state.


Lord Howe Island, Australia

Parked in the middle of 600 km off the coast of Australia, this picturesque island, with its magnificent beauty as a world heritage, immediately presents the senses. The two lush mountains form the perfect pier and the largest coral reef in the world. The galleries on the beach offer perfect and beautiful trails through the lush outdoor forest. Due to the remoteness of this unique volcano, it is a sanctuary for many endemic species and for the richness of birds. The island is an excellent example of sustainable tourism. Only 400 visitors are allowed and it is advisable to participate in numerous ecological projects. The reasonable length and size of Lord Howe leave you with an excellent choice.


Guizhou Province, China

Guizhou is a provincial dawn. Guiyang is the capital with more than 4 million inhabitants (above the population limit of Los Angeles, Rome and Berlin). At night, the streets are full of street food and a bowl of rice noodles is less expensive, but in the traffic lanes, artisans begin to open handicraft shops, coffee shops and bars. Trees covered by countryside forests have changed little for centuries, but have begun to develop benefits for travelers. All this is connected to new high-speed lines, so you can go from Guiyang to Chongqing or Kunming in a few hours. The continuous technical efforts in China have led to the creation of brighter roads and bridges that make the 21st century a gateway to the mythical mountains of Guizhou and its surroundings.


Province of Cádiz in Spain

After a series of gastronomic successes, Cádiz is cured. Jerez de la Frontera, the queen of the Sheri Triangle, received her first Michelin star in 2018 thanks to LOU, Cocina y Alma, Luis Fernández’s restaurant. The tabankos of the twentieth century saved the new entrepreneurs from destruction. Even a pastor is back in fashion! The Aponent Angel Leon in El Puerto de Santa María, is one of the two Andalusian restaurants with a Michelin star. Alevante is very popular after Petri Sancti, the only star of León. Vejer de la Frontera is a center of gourmet and boutiques. Cafes, restaurants and modern accommodations give new energy to the Phoenician origin. Add new flights to Jerez and explore this wonderful region.


Northeast Argentina

The northeast of Argentina should be a priority list of all with the most important waterfalls in South America, with a rich regional history and spectacular views of wildlife. Of course, the famous Iguazu, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, but the rest of this region is hard and moderate. The Iberá National Park, recently established in 2018, will be one of the main attractions of Argentina. This is an exciting example of how nature reform can benefit neighboring communities. Restoration means that the native wildlife of the macaico is green for deer and jaguars. In addition, the country still offers excellent value for money.


Kvarner Gulf, Croatia

This less known part of the Croatian coast, located between the tourist areas of Dalmatia and Istria, has quietly consolidated its references in the areas of gastronomy and environmental protection in the last decade. Bay of Kvarner is now ready to head to the port city of Rijeka, which will become the European capital of culture in 2020. The new highlights include renovated rooms for museums and cultural centers. With its eternal beauty, historic cities fortified with Venetian architecture, its many beaches and spectacular shows, the Golf Islands have a secondary role but are ready to steal the show.


Amazon of Brazil

The Brazilian Amazon is the purest natural world: an ancient place that seems almost hallucinogenic with its multicolored fauna and its knotted chaotic flora. This misty jungle is home to some of the rarest plants and animals in the world, as well as communities that have been guardians of this vast green space for centuries. Given the climate change on our planet, the protection of the Brazilian Amazon is of fundamental importance. By 2020, well-planned and well-planned trips in the world’s largest forest will support sustainable travel for the benefit of local communities and the economy, with a focus on the cultural and monetary value of conservation.

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