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How To Teach Your Dog To Eliminate On Command in Simple Ways



How To Teach Your Dog To Eliminate On Command in Simple Ways

If you plan to travel with your dog, if you are in a hurry, it is an awkward morning or you do not want to be in the rain, even if Rover needs time to get into the pot, you must show it. Removing the order not only improves download process. It also gives you control over when and where it is regulated.

At first glance it seems surprising that you can teach your dog and when you tell him to do it. However, an order that requires you to do a job is not an incentive to accept certain behaviors. Although it is a natural biological function, dogs eliminate a wide range of visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli. Very young puppies are encouraged to water and relieve licking the mother’s genital area. Older ports respond to pressure on the intestine and bladder, as well as the sight of the dogs that kill them. Adult dogs use feces and urine to mark the area. It is not uncommon for domestic dogs to mark foreign canine cells whose territory is injured. Many dogs, especially men, mark their borders with a strange dog to see or pronounce.

The process of teaching your dog how to eliminate it is simple and simple. Ask him to listen to the order while transporting it. Then reward the behavior. If you decide to remove it, place it on a leash to use it as a bathroom. Ask him to continue and repeat the order until he does. As soon as he leaves, congratulate him and congratulate him for what he wants.



First step: organize that goes.
It is quite simple to predict when your dog needs to be eliminated. You should leave shortly after eating or drinking. The younger it is, the shorter the time between construction and the exception. You have to make a urinal almost immediately after bedtime. If it is in a box, it should be discarded in a box after a long time. If you put your dog in a cage for about an hour, it will definitely be removed quickly. A game session in which mom, dad or children come home invites them to go. And with young magazines you can be sure that they should be evicted approximately one hour each month of their age.

It is mandatory for the responsible adult to observe the puppy while away from home. Everyone will give you a signal that they should leave. This sign varies from one puppy to another, but tells you everything as you observe your needs. It could be a sign that you are starting to break that area. Many begin to circulate. It is a sign that you must build it and build it outside.

Step two: have a designated bathroom.
From the point of view of cleanliness, it is preferable to choose a particular area as a bathroom for a puppy. Dogs are animals as a habit. If you take it to the same place every time, it is a quick sign that it is time to go to the bathroom. Later, it will help prevent stairs or patio from choosing as a bathroom. It is also a good idea to train. The smell that remains leaves an early start as a powerful stimulus.

Cleaning after a visit to your puppy is necessary because many dogs refuse to walk in the fecal area of ​​contamination. Place your hand in a plastic bag, collect stool, roll it up and release it.



Step three: keep it in the area.
Most puppies, if not maintained, spend time out of the game. They hunt butterflies, eliminate the place where mice are crushed in the grass, unless you do what you brought with them. If he succeeds and returns them, they suddenly remember their needs. We recommend keeping the puppy on a leash. So far, I remember you because it’s here.

Fourth step: time limit.
Do not leave the puppy on for more than five minutes. The purpose of this training is to teach him to go fast if you tell him. Long experience teaches him that there is nothing better than waiting for him. If it disappears after five minutes, put it in its box. Leave it for about fifteen minutes. Then try again.

Phase five: remuneration.
The reward is the key to successful dog training. If your puppy died in five minutes, congratulate him immediately. Give him something he needs. The latter is the hardest part. The reward should be what you want, not just what you think you need. For many tents, the reward is on a leash. Dogs at home during the day can consider it rewarding for prizes. For some people, it could be a treatment. To allow others to run behind the ball.

The prizes are a shame. If your dog is accidentally punished after an end, it can be kept as quickly as possible. Many of us join an intense work program, sometimes we spend an additional five or twenty minutes with our dog. If you want to teach your puppy to finish an order, you must provide that time. If you leave the house as soon as you leave it, tell him you can stay longer if it is longer. To teach a puppy to abolish an order, you must avoid accidental punishment. You can do this by following a simple rule: give your dog ten minutes when removing it.

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