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How To Lose Weight Fast

I developed the NutriSystem Nourish Exercise Plan to give people of all dif- ferent exercise abilities and body types a simple way to fit exercise into their daily routines. Regardless of your age or ability level, the NutriSystem Nour- ish Exercise Plan doesn’t just make exercise doable—it makes it enjoyable. The program is based on a simple premise: choice. While the plan outlines a basic structure, you choose the exercises to complete it.



Each level of the 4-week program—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—contains three basic elements:

  1. A cardiovascular (cardio) routine
  2. A resistance routine
  3. A simple yoga routine

There are three different cardio routines for you to choose from. They range in length from about 10 minutes to about 25 or 30 minutes. Choos- ing which routine to start with is up to you.

There are also two resistance routines for you to choose from. You can perform either or both of these each week. If you have some favorite exercises, feel free to add your own or substitute yours for some of my suggestions.

The NutriSystem Nourish yoga routine is a combination of 14 yoga pos- tures that are designed to activate your muscles, relieve tension, and pro- duce a feeling of wellness. The yoga routine for beginners should take about 10 minutes, but you have the ability to choose to hold postures longer for an extended workout

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