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How to Deal With an Aggressive Dog in Case of Sudden Attack



Dog attacks are scary and dangerous! Tips on how to avoid one

Although dog bites are relatively common, they are not entirely seizures. However, it is important to know what to do in case of an attack.

What behaviors do dogs usually show before an attack?

There is no specific solution for the symptoms indicated by the dog before the attack. While symptoms can be attacks such as grunts, squeaks, bare teeth and easily readable fissures, there may also be subtle signs, such as a minute of tension or a small frost that is easily forgotten.

What should I do if I find myself in an aggressive dog situation?

Avoid eye contact
Slowly illuminate your body
Cross your arms
Ignore the dog completely
Keep calm for a while, then return slowly
Try to go to a place where there is a barrier between you and the dog.

If it doesn’t work, what should I do?

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You can ask someone to help you not to scream.
When you are on the floor, place a ball on your knees and place your arms behind your neck to protect your head and neck.

Should I try to be dog friendly and talk to him in a calm voice?

Ignore the dog completely. The more you worry, the less likely you are to attack.
The more you try to communicate, the more likely a provocation occurs.

Is it a good idea to spray pepper spray on a dog?

If the dog still does not attack you, spraying pepper spray can cause an explosion. As always, it not only makes things worse when dealing with the attack.

What should I do if a dog falls on me and starts to bite?

If you are looking for a barrier that can be placed between you and the dog (bag, jacket or cane) and try to keep the dog towards this goal.
Get more land and try to break over the dog. It is much harder for him to move it effectively.
Don’t try to scream because this could bother the dog.
Cover a shirt or blanket with the dog’s head so that it is not visible. If you interrupt your opinion for a moment, you can escape the window.
In the very rare case, steal a cruel dog (instead of being bitten or stabbed by some scattered bites), stand on the floor, protect your head and neck while waiting for help. If he is alone, he is unlikely to take a dog until the dog loses interest.
Try not to exploit or raise the dog.

If a dog attacks you, is it a good idea to hit it?

The high level of adrenaline and the existing energy only increase by hitting a dog. Try to act as calmly as possible. When you see a fight, you can cover a blanket, a jacket or a shirt with the dog’s head. If it obstructs the view of the dog, it will usually be disabled.

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