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How To Calm Aggressive Cats



How to calm aggressive cats

If you share your home with jumping cats, life becomes interesting. But if your battle tends to be aggressive, especially an execution attack, you may not know what to do. Cats are not aggressive, but sometimes they are difficult to read. As you learn to calm an aggressive cat, you can create a strong and loving bond with your lover.

Identify aggressive behavior.
When a cat’s body language is understood under “normal” circumstances, inappropriate behavior can be identified. “It gives [pets] the opportunity to” read “their understanding, understand their emotions and motivations and help them respond more effectively to behavioral problems such as aggression,” he says. ASPCA (American Society for Prevention). Grain in animals). Cats use eyes, ears, tails and voices to communicate with others and when you meet your cats, you will recognize their behavior when they eat, rest and covet a country.

With calves Some natural cats are funny and do crazy things, like running down the hall (always in the middle of the night), throwing their mice in the air and screaming in a fun way. However, it is not aggressive behavior. It is quite obvious that the cat, more violent, more aggressive.

There is no doubt about this attack signal:

the whistle
Claws to reveal
Open mouth
Steep location
If these signs or other symptoms of aggressive behavior of your cat are not of a type and do not have an obvious reason, take it to the veterinarian to treat the medical reason. When healthy, you can identify and treat other possible causes of cat abuse.

Cause attack
Keep in mind that cats are often on fire. As the Cornell Feline Health Center says, “the attack is a very common behavior problem in a situation, defined as hostile or violent behavior that aims to intimidate or intimidate another person.” The causes of the attack are age (the definition of “bad” is the cat and young cats under 2 years of age), lack of socialization (this is particularly true for remote cats at the beginning of life) and t instin (the mothers protect their children a lot).

The most common types of behavior behind aggressive cats are three types of assault by reference: games, cats and territory.

Play or attack?
Cats like to play, but sometimes the game is an attack. This usually occurs with pipes that only set their limits. If they support or market their calves, the nuns will repair them. Cats that want to play on the next level screen have their backs and ears straight and their pupils can expand.

Hostility between cats
According to the Cummings Veterinary Medicine Center with Tufts, the cat attack is the second most common attack (the first is a game attack): “Cats cannot exist for several reasons, including a contradictory, territorial or insane attitude” . For example, cats that have agreed to conflict may suddenly occur because one of them is visiting a veterinarian.



Territory and fear
Many cats enter attack mode to feel intimidated or motivated by other people or pets. That is why your cat can respect it and then suddenly test the visitor or hit the family dog ​​when he tries to connect it. bills. When a cat thinks that a person or something attacks its territory, it disappears.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the aggressive behavior of cats.

How to calm an aggressive cat
Once you recognize the reason for attacking your cats, you can gain better control over their behavior. Some of the reasons are temporary and a little easier, like a mother’s attack, because you know exactly what you should do: stay away from your mother and let her do her thing. For other incentives, you may have to be more creative.

As already mentioned, aggression is a very common type of aggressive behavior in one place. One way to alleviate this problem, and even prevent it from the beginning, is to be hard on your cats. With this type of game, your cat attacks a body with sticks and / or claws, promotes combat behavior.

If you are interested in heavy activities, activate a replacement toy like a stuffed animal. Cute dog toys are suitable for aggressive cats because they are made of a stronger material than most cat toys and do not dissolve after the first attack.

Once cat ownership is established, this will ensure that other animals (and others) know they are the boss. When you bring new cats or when a cat begins to have a big impact on other cats after a long life together, you may have to separate and introduce your diet, life and activities for cats. slowly again.

Two cats outside and one advancing and kissing when others leave. Very aggressive cats can be a danger to others. You should not intervene when your cat is on defense or create more rewards. If two or more cats are fighting, make a short, loud noise or create another distraction that separates them. If your cat is afraid, you can cheer or coordinate, but you can take it as a threat. Don’t try to contact them or contact them before they finish. Don’t worry, they will tell you when.

As the joke says, cats train their parents instead of the other way around. Do not try to punish your cats when you are aggressive, “as this could cause fear or represent it as a game that inadvertently compensates for aggressive behavior.” Cornell “If you stay away from the aggressive battle in the game and ignore it, you can teach them that an inappropriate and aggressive game doesn’t allow you to play at all.” Conclusion: mention good behavior, not bad.



When is veterinary assistance necessary?
An unusual attack in a situation that cannot be attributed requires a specific reason to visit a veterinarian to diagnose a more serious problem, including the underlying condition. Reduces sterilization and sterilization for the attack of cats in cats and the treatment of health problems. Epilepsy, trauma, dental diseases, diabetes, hypertension (metabolic acceleration), hypertension (hypertension), major brain diseases, FeLV (marine leukemia), IVF (no marine immunization) and IPF (infectious marine peritonitis), viral disease). Passing these conditions can reduce or eliminate the aggression of cats. Early intervention is the best way to keep your friend in good health.

With these tips, veterinary advice and a lot of patience, you can relax your children and lead a long and happy life together.

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