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How Do you Know That the Egg Was Produced From a Healthy Hen or Not?



How do you know that the egg was produced from a healthy hen or not?

Unfortunately, many people don’t know the biggest difference between a healthy egg and a natural egg and an unhealthy egg.

Eating healthy eggs is vital to our health and well-being in general. However, we have decided to help you discover which eggs are healthier and why.

Know your food

The photo below contains 3 different types of egg yolk. The first yellow is dark orange, the second yellow and the third light orange. What do you think of yellow chicken?

Now look at the answers

Dark orange yellow

This egg comes from perfect health chickens, which means they have freedom and plenty of room to move. They do not remain in dark rooms without natural light, but enjoy the natural light outside. These hens eat wheat and eat all kinds of insects, so egg yolks are the most nutritious.

Yellow yellow

These people come from unhealthy chickens from factories that live in poor conditions. They have no freedom, no space or natural light and only eat wheat. They live on earth and many come from incubators, which are not natural.

light yellow

These eggs usually come from local stores and these chickens were raised on large farms. Although they don’t live in terrible conditions like chickens in big factories, they still live in inappropriate environments.

They have a poor diet consisting only of cereals, chicken does not need natural foods and needs them in terms of health, such as insects.

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