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Hair Loss and the Confidence Factor : How to Deal and Possible Solutions

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Baldness is a condition that males are very conscious about. It is a real problem that can blight many lives. How people deal with this situation is all down to the confidence factor.

Going bald is a condition that nearly 50% of the male population will have to deal with during their lives. Some people go bald really quickly and even some teenagers will suffer some degree of hair thinning. However, in most men hair loss is a gradual process usually starting at the front of the head and then continuing from the top of the head. Women can have hair loss too. In the case of women the progression is usually quite different and involves an over all thinning of the hair.

Despite losing hair being a natural process there are great social pressures for people to have a near perfect head of hair. This is not just limited to the images portrayed in the media by models and celebrities. If this isn’t enough, there is also pressure when it comes to finding a partner and progressing in the world of work. It is a well known fact that people who look attractive and fit the ideal image of the day are often hired or offered promotion over other less attractive ones. If you are looking for a partner in life then baldness can be a factor here too.

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Even if the person you have your sights on isn’t worried about hair loss, the fear that they might be can often be off putting to such an extent that the potential mate never gets asked out. It is all a matter of confidence and we all want to feel confident in the things that we do.

The big question always involves what can be done about going bald. One option is just to accept it and get on with your life. After all you are in the company of a large number of other people who have the same problem. If you look around you will see that people who are going bald are in good jobs and do have attractive partners. The success here is due to a state of mind or positive outlook. Some people can just over ride the disadvantages that come with the baldness label.

On the other hand other people really do feel the need to try and do something about the baldness problem. This is only the same as people who have cosmetic surgery for a different part of their body because they feel that it is holding them back from getting on with their life. Fortunately there are a large range of products and treatments available to try and deal with the balding situation.

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You have to decide how far you are willing to go in dealing with your baldness or thinning hair. Some people are content to try and hold the situation in check. For these people there are various products such as DHT inhibitor pills for example Propecia and scalp massage solutions pills for example Propecia and scalp massage solutions such as Revivogen. An alternative product is the laser comb which can be used by both men and women.

The laser comb is said to maintain hair thickness by using the cold laser beams to increase blood circulation to the hair follicles. If you feel that things have gone too far and you need to cover up large areas of baldness then hair transplants and hair replacement systems such as toupees may be the answer. Hair pieces have come a long way in the last few years and they are now far less likely to be identified or dislodged form the scalp.

Which ever method you choose I am sure you will eventually come to a stage when age catches up and appearance is not as important as it once was and you can finally settle down to losing your hair gracefully.

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Finding the Best Hair Loss Treatment

Out of all the products for dealing with hair loss there are three which stand out above the rest, but each for a different reason. Popularity is one factor in the success of a product but the statistics on how successful they are have to be taken into consideration as well before you decide which one to use.

It is difficult to decide which the best hair loss treatment is, when factors vary so much in the different products. There is the popular vote and then there are the medical statistics, which states how much hair growth there has been or how many people have seen success. In this article I will be concerned with both. The main thing to start with is the popularity of the different products, as people wouldn’t use them if they didn’t think they were going to be effective.

Propecia is perhaps the most popular treatment in the world. It is a male only treatment due to the way that it works on the male hormonal system. It could cause problems in women especially if they are pregnant where it can interfere with the development of the unborn baby. Propecia is a pill that works by blocking the formation of DHT from the hormone testosterone. DHT is thought to cause hair follicles to shrink away and eventually stop producing new hair. Blocking DHT therefore should slow down the rate of hair loss. In trials it has been shown that five out of six men can maintain the amount of hair that they already have.

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Two out of three men report that they had some degree of hair regrowth. The pill appears to work best on balding in the front middle and top of the scalp. The pills have to be taken each day and then results should be seen within 3 months. If there has been no effect after a year of treatment it is unlikely that it will work on that particular person. Another thing to consider is that the gains are lost within a year if you stop taking Propecia. There are some side effects that men have reported in a small number of cases. These mainly involve loss of sexual drive.

A lot of people with hair loss have tried laser hair restoration treatment. This involves stimulating the scalp with cold beam laser light. The laser light doesn’t burn or harm the scalp. It is painless and has no recorded side effects. The light is in fact just used as a stimulant for the hair follicles to produce hair. It can involve visiting a clinic on a regular basis to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment. The endless visits to the clinic can end up as a problem in itself. Once treatment stops then the gains are reversed. But now there are portable devices called laser combs which people can purchase to get a similar treatment in their own homes.

The laser comb is a miniature version of the old hood systems used in clinics. The comb is brushed through the hair for about 10 minutes and the laser light bathes the scalp in stimulating rays that increase the blood circulation in the scalp and main tains the health of the hair follicles. They can be used on their own or in combination with other treatments such as Propecia. Women can use a laser comb so long as it isn’t in conjunction with other pill type anti DHT products. Clinical trials have suggested that 92% of users experience a thickening of their hair over a 6 month usage period.

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In terms of natural treatments, the product Revivogen is very popular. Its main ingredients are natural substances which block the formation of DHT. In this way it works the same as Propecia. However, because Revivogen is not taken internally, but only rubbed onto the scalp, it can be used by women as well.

There aren’t any known side effects attributed to Revivogen. In addition to DHT inhibitors there are other ingredients included which are claimed to block the receptors of mail hormones in scalp cells and also to stimulate hair growth. In terms of statistics it is reported that 72% of people in consumer trials found that they either maintained their thickness of hair or experienced some regrowth.

In selecting the best hair loss treatment product one needs to consider all the facts and then weigh up the benefits and disadvantage of each one. There are other treatments but these are the top 3 most popular best hair loss treatment products.

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