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Eliminate Cancer by Eating These Foods Now



When you eat these foods cancer is a dead , start this now

As the human body is produced, it goes through three phases called angiogenesis, in which all blood vessels are formed. However, this activity does not stop after birth. It is present later in life when there are wounds on our skin, veins or flows and we need to rebuild the blood channels.

This process is often associated with the spread of cancer and is controlled by so-called actors and inhibitors. Almost all cancer research focuses primarily on inhibitors. In fact, they are agents that promote and stimulate the growth of vascular cells so that they can create new blood vessels.

The five foods listed below are antigenic agents and, therefore, help prevent cancer growth by affecting the cancer diet.

The Blueberry & Raspberry Effect

Cranberries and raspberries are plants known for their resistant properties, particularly when it comes to ovarian cancer. Phytochemicals have a dark defect and mean their effectiveness, which has proven to be excellent for cancer prevention. It is also known that blueberries and raspberries reduce oxidative stress and angiogenesis.

Coffee and Green Tea

In addition to the fact that green tea and coffee are the most consumed beverages daily, they reduce the likelihood of cancer.

The Tomato Effect

According to the latest Harvard research, the risk of prostate cancer is reduced by 50% for those who eat cooked tomatoes regularly. Tomatoes have been shown to be extremely effective in preventing angiogenesis. These results are so effective that they contain large amounts of a substance called lycopene, which has strong anti-angiogenic properties.

Experts explain that lycopene easily disperses in the digestive system of the body as it falls into fat in our body. In addition, the concentration of lycopene increases when exposed to higher temperatures. That is why cooked tomatoes contribute effectively to the growth of cancer.

Dark Chocolate

For many people, this is almost incredible. Dark chocolate is an extremely delicious desert and is extremely healthy to eat because it is good for the heart, for general wealth, but to fight cancer cells.


This herb has several health benefits and is known to reduce its fat efficiency. Turmeric is also used as cancer prevention.

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